I’m sitting on the edge of the bed patiently in my big fur coat because I’m a good little girl. He’s still milling around as I kick back with my legs up.

“Come here,” I say, tugging at him slightly. “Take your clothes off.”

He smiles and crawls in, kissing me as he goes, pulling me with him as shirt and pants and shoes cascade off.

“I like this,” he says, gesturing towards the fur coat. I smile as I’m on top of him, and he grabs me by the hips and slides me on top of his face. It’s a fantastic feeling as I look down at him, buried by my cunt and my fur coat still on. God, I look good as I try to suffocate him with my pussy. It’s the feeling of pleasure that he and he alone is giving me at this exact moment, that sinking sensation in my stomach, that rising feeling between my legs, the breath, the air, the muscles in my thighs as I can feel the blood in my veins racing against itself to the finish line of who knows where.

And right before I feel like I’m going to burst, he pushes my hips down and what is waiting for me there – his cock. Onto which I hop I gleefully, and the sudden new feelings of ohmygod shooting up and down my spine as I feel like I’m crumbling slightly, but he touches my face and says softly, “Look at me,” which I do, with the tenderness and hopefulness of a woman who is feeling like this for the first time. As everything inside me, stirred into a frenzy of feeling something unlike anything I could ever imagine in my waking day. And I look at him, and he’s inside me, and all I can see in him is a part of myself.

After which we tumble to the side, never breaking apart, and now he’s on top of me.

“Be close to me,” he moans, pulling me in. “I just want you close!”

And we are close, as I feel myself reeling back in this firestorm of flesh, which feels like death and also like I am slightly transcending reality in the name of some sort of carnal ecstasy. He fucks me, and he fucks me right, and he doesn’t stop, and he fucks me better than any man before him. He asks me to bark like a dog, so I bark like a dog. He bites me on the neck and I howl with pleasure. He sticks his finger in my ass, and I writhe and cum until I can cum no more.

“Say my name,” he says, and I say his name. I whisper it at first, but I cannot stop myself from screaming. I scream his name. Over and over. But I will not tell you his name, because that is between me and him, and the things that we do in the dark when no one else is watching is not a thing that I can let you put a face or a name on. These are my private memories, with him between my legs, and no one can take that from me. And only he can give it to me.

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