“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” He whips out his dick and I look over in glee as, dick in hand, there it goes, squirting out, and now there’s come everywhere. I was kinda hoping he would cum inside me, but I think he’s dealt with too many pregnancies and abortions to fall for that one […]


I’m sitting on the edge of the bed patiently in my big fur coat because I’m a good little girl. He’s still milling around as I kick back with my legs up. “Come here,” I say, tugging at him slightly. “Take your clothes off.” He smiles and crawls in, kissing me as he goes, pulling […]

Understanding the motives and incentives for paying for sexual services

The best current estimates suggest that between 11-18% of the adult male population in the UK regularly pays for sexual services. These numbers suggest that paying for sexual services is not as rare, or deviant, as many would assume. There is limited research on the ‚demand‘ side of prostitution which creates a gap in the […]